For the second time in October we open the doors for the top customizers and tuners in the car and motorcycle industry.
- Custombikes
- Customcars
- Tuning
- Equipment
- World and Swiss premiere
- Bike- and Carshow
- Freestyle Car- und Bike Stuntshow
- EMMA Swiss Finale
Schwiss Premiere
The legendary Indian Motorcycle brand was brought to new life. The Polaris World Group, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the U.S., has taken up this challenge and implemented this in an impressively short time. The result leaves no questions unanswered. Indian conquered the world.

Three models are presented at the Swissperformance fair as Swiss premiere.

Bikeshow and occasions bike trade organized also this year the ultimate bike show and the bike trade occasions (10 - 20% below the normal motorcycle trade price).


 World and Swiss Premiere
Vision of Speed, a guarantee of uncompromising sports car will introduce the visitors to their new bestseller. Brand name? Forget it! Surprise yourself. The world premiere of the F12 from the company Duracic . This bike was built in the same look as the car. The unique impressed by the ultimate style.


The outdoor show includes the following activities:
Stunt acrobat Ricardo Domingos of Portugal. A multi-talent with several awards with four vehicles will inspire the audience (smart, superbike, supermoto and quad).
Powerbike Marco Bleicker let the freestyle motocross guys fly. Jumps in a breathtaking height will delight visitors.
Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčIndustries
drift car specialist will heat up the asphalt with their cars. Great cars that are also used in various races.


CarMedia championship (Swiss final)

EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) an organization for car-audio-competitions, which enables all over the world similar reviews. 

The EMMA is a leading competitive platforms that organize CarMedia championships. About 40 countries are currently active around the world at EMMA. EMMA Switzerland is annually present on a variety of events. The highlights include the Swiss Championships and the European finals in the spring, for the removal EMMA selects every year a different country. At the Swissperformance the Swiss final will be carried out.